The facility houses a MS4 Mössbauer spectrometer (See Co., Edina, MN) equipped with:

  • a SHI-850 4K cryogen-free cryostat  (Janis Research Co., Woburn, MA) and
  • 57Co Mössbauer gamma source (Ritverc, St. Petersburg, Russia).
  • WMOSS v.2.51 is used for spectral analysis.

The instrument has a variable sample temperature range from 4.5K to 325K.

The system does not rely on thermal conductivity of samples for cooling and is therefore suitable for a wide variety of samples (including powders and liquids). The design allows for fast sample changes since the cryostat does not need to be warmed up.

Mössbauer spectrometer
Mössbauer spectrometer